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Anjeer barfi

August 29, 2017
Anjeer barfi a sugar free dessert using dried figs loaded nuts, flavoured with rose water, I can't stop myself from snacking on it.

I often make this Anjeer  barfi for special occasions and its  absolutely delicious. With no added sugar and loaded with nuts and mildly flavoured with rose water, I can't stop myself from snacking on this delicious Anjeer barfi.... and I am sure its hard for you to resist too... Every now and then I have to remind myself to remember that goals are important and these milestones along ones journey remind you how far you have come & goads you…

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No-bake Walnut tart

August 17, 2017
No -bake walnut tart

 I have had a passionate interest in eating and learning about food ever since I was little. The kitchen was the hallowed space that I was often drawn into without any body’s coaxing or cajoling. As a teenager, I immersed myself in learning the intricacies of food & the mysteries it had to offer that made royalty of ordinary people. I kept scrapbooks of recipes and articles that inspired me. I used to spend my holidays in baking and enjoying…

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Chicken Curries Mushrooms

Chicken Strogonoff

July 31, 2017
Chicken Strogonoff

In less than 20 minutes, a fancy looking creamy dinner is all set to impress your family. Chicken Strogonoff with mushroom is absolutely delicious. “It is not the destination where you end up but the memories you create along the way” These days who would deny that life has become more worse than rat race… The constant humdrum needs a break, we all need a down time, take some time off to rejuvenate and re energise yourself. So we decided…

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Cacao brownies

July 18, 2017
A delicious, healthy and flourless cacao brownie that melts in your mouth and gives you a tingling sensation with a hint of chilli

A delicious, healthy and flourless cacao brownies that melts in your mouth and gives you a tingling sensation with a hint of chilli. It is mid-July already - things are moving fast yeah!!! It’s as if the calendar is on a high dose caffeine fix and is yearning to be somewhere and so is in this mad rush. What's interesting though is in the midst of peak winter we lucky ones in the Southern hemisphere get to celebrate a special “Christmas”…

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beetroot Pies and Tarts Soup Tarts

Beetroot and ricotta tart using LSA

June 30, 2017
Beetroot and Ricotta tart using LSA

 Now this beetroot and ricotta tart was raised up a notch when I decided to swap the regular plain flour for the pastry with LSA Reminiscing about my past and childhood was perhaps a preordained conniver of nature to make me think about beetroots. When I think back about my childhood I often remember the humble beetroot. The thinly sliced root was regularly part of our Salads that we would savour during its peak season. These rather bold bulbs were carefully…

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Caramel mud cake with salted caramel sauce

June 21, 2017

  Honestly nothing occurs to my mind that would fill the gap between these beautiful pictures. I had asked my other half to pen down a poem about his favourite drizzle .. Salted caramel sauce.  I am waiting and I am sure it will be filled up in no time. Till then enjoy this cake…. This cake is delicious and finally I got the perfect shape. Now this is the third time using the same batter, the other two cakes were…

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Vegatable tofu noodles

June 15, 2017
Tofu and Vegetables noodle1s

The vegetable tofu noodles is a delicate balance of the protein from tofu combined with the Umami flavours from the Soya sauce to the crunchiness of the thinly sliced vegetables makes for a dish that one remembers for a long long time.   I wonder If I even need to qualify my statement with any facts or figures that .. The world belongs to China and not to mention the multitude of Chinese cuisine.  Growing up in eastern part of India, we…

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Orange cream biscuits

June 7, 2017

 Orange cream biscuits… Beautiful memories attached those carefree days of childhood, where I would lick all the cream  and eat all the cookies and still not worry about the calories…. I am glad that I baked these delectable biscuits and it will be always my all time favourite.   Honey !!! Haven’t seen you baking biscuits lately …..remarked my other half over the weekend. While gazing at the laptop screen & eagerly sipping the freshly brewed Chai to keep warm.…

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Plum Cake

May 29, 2017
Almond and Plum upside down cake soaked with syrup.

Pairing the tartness of plums with Almond cake soaked with syrup is simply amazing. This plum cake make an ideal treat for after dinner dessert. When the seasons shift, even the subtle beginning, the scent of a promised change, I feel something stir inside me. Hopefulness? Gratitude? Openness? Whatever it is, it's welcome. -Kristen Armstrong The change of season lets nature flaunt its beauty. I have in the past never ever appreciated whole heartedly the changing of seasons, it's beauty…

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Homemade Chicken pies

May 22, 2017
chicken and vegetable pie

Being greeted by the aroma of Super easy homemade Chicken pie wafting through the house makes it impossible not to feel hungry. I think that’s true.To make it worthwhile of a decent dinner I loaded my homemade chicken pie with the rich goodness of vegetables and chicken. Couple of weeks ago I found a mail in my mailbox titled “To the owners- Do not thrash before reading” – Normally my first reaction is to take it to the recycle bin,…

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Old fashioned Orange cake

May 15, 2017
Wonderfully perfumed with Fresh orange, it feels like Christmas and may be it is .... This is the feeling of having this orange cake.

My life has changed a lot over the last couple of years but one thing that bears permanence is my love for baking. I find baking extremely therapeutic and calming and while I am in the flow I loose myself to the world. Generally speaking I feel myself a tad disorganised but it is pleasantly surprising that my baking supplies are always there to calm & cheer me & in an extremely organised handy pantry. I am able to whip up…

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Rosewater madeleines

May 8, 2017
These Rose water Madeleines are perfect for coming Mother's day Treat. These are absolutely simple to make and totally irresistible.

These Rose water madeleines are perfect for coming Mother’s day Treat. These are absolutely simple to make and totally irresistible. Are you someone who would visualise  beautiful flowers and more particularly roses, as we looking  forward to celebrate a special day with our beloved mother ? Mum’s are special and always there for you, so visualising a special flower whose presence not only lightens the place and their exquisite aromas fills in the warmth too. This was the thought that…

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Lime sour-cream cake

May 3, 2017
looking for a summery, light, refreshing and a moist cake with lime, thyme and sour cream, then try this lime sour-cream cake from Donna Hay magazine.

  For You…. On those lazy balmy autumn afternoons, while you lovingly hobnob with your oven The wafting aromas of the sweet baked goodies that fill our hearth and home often Remind me of the times when I used to kneel on my mother’s knees waiting to be given A sweet kiss on my cheeks and a warm mandolin slice that would be so delicate and soften And erase the week’s trouble and worries. Not one thing would matter, not…

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Eggless Cinnamon scroll

April 28, 2017

I am blown away with this awesome nutty and spicy taste and they are quite easy to bake as well. These sweet spicy eggless cinnamon scroll are quite popular in my kitchen and honestly one don’t need to be an expert in baking these soft and aromatic buns. A good kneading and instant dry yeast makes all that difference. Phew!!! After a tumultuous two week long break that feels more like two year, finally, the kids are back at school…

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Chicken snacks

Chicken and vegetable dumplings from Scratch

April 13, 2017
chicken and vegetable dumpling

  When I mention “We are having dumplings for dinner”. I get a prompt reply “oh mom that’s great, looking forward to it”. These words echo in our house when dumplings are on the menu.  This ubiquitous dish can found in every nook and corner restaurant in Northern China and there are some famous specialty restaurants that only specialise in serving dumplings with a whole gamut of fillings. It is almost a religion in itself. Dumplings are quite popular during Chinese…

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Fresh Ricotta Cheesecake

April 7, 2017
This fresh ricotta cheesecake is quite delicious because of the two different varieties of cheese are used to make this cake.

This fresh ricotta cheesecake is quite delicious because of the two different varieties of cheese are used to make this cake. No summer nor winter beauty have I see as I have seen in this mystical Autumnal grace or so goes a beautiful line I read somewhere. You never know what you are going to get as the seasons get a changeover sort of a swap over one another, they seem to be a bit undecided, much like when you…

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white chocolate mud cake with Raspberry glaze

March 24, 2017
white chocolate mud cake

Every journey begins with the first brave step in a flight of fancy to somewhere different, somewhere better, somewhere happier or simply somewhere secure- maybe just that tiny little corner desk with one’s favourite photograph of a loved one staring back after having been on a whirlwind tour across the world . My personal sojourns have been quite a fascinating blend of philosophical and Physical realities of being in different countries, experiencing different cultures and hearing different tongues and adjusting…

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Chicken Cooking Curries Mushrooms

Green curry from home made paste

March 17, 2017
home made Green curry paste

One of the most pleasurable moments of my day is to see no grumble bunnies around my dinner table. On the rare occasions when this happens it is simply bliss. I feel I have achieved the unachievable. I can’t really obsess over the fact that my kids don’t like Indian food. They have lived all their lives practically outside India and much that they may love going back for a holiday to enjoy the company of their cousins and grandparents…

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Rustic Stone Fruit tart

March 7, 2017
Rustic Summer tart

The most beautiful thing about Mother Nature is that she constantly keeps changing perhaps to amuse us mortals and teach us humbly that change is the only way forward. It has started to feel that our gorgeous 100 days of summer are nearly at their tail end, although the days are still a little warm, the whiff of autumn can be felt in the air. Soon there will be the multi-hued colours of nature, almost a vibrant orange flaming Japanese…

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Black Velvet cake with Mascaporne frostings

February 23, 2017
Black velvet cake is a result of my sheer imagination and results were amazing. The colour and tastes is absolutely worth trying.

Black velvet cake is a result of my sheer imagination and results were amazing. The colour and tastes is absolutely worth trying.  Visualisation is such a powerful tool that can conspire with the universe to get you what you want? The pictures you create in your mind if visualised with all your energy somehow conjoins matter and energy in creating the reality you wish for yourself.  I am not talking in some metaphysical plane but in the daily urban grind…

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