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Berry watermelon Popsicles

December 18, 2018
Absolutely easy to make, this berry watermelon popsicles will add jazz to your summer barbecue and perfect for pool parties.

It”s hard to go past plump, bright berries in all their rosy glory. But they are not the only seasonal delights making their way onto our plates this summer, Melons are all in their prime and ready to devoured on their own or with some twist or may be this popsicles.

 Christmas has come around so quickly once again and the most joyous part of Christmas is the time we spent with our families and dear friends. What I also love above all is the festive food that makes entertaining a great fun. This berry watermelon popsicles are just perfect for pool parties and kids will love it. My boys weren’t excited about the sour berries but adding fruity lemony cordial was enough to bring out the sweetness in those popsicles. They just love it.

Absolutely easy to make, this berry watermelon popsicles will add jazz to your summer barbecue and perfect for pool parties.

I have added a video and hope that helps. Before  you scroll down to have a look, I would love to share a lovely poem from my better half. It’s all about a lovely tree Jacaranda, that is in full swing from late October till December. I am in love with its gorgeous colour and having it in my backyard makes it extra special. What I love most, is watching my boys jumping on the trampoline under the canopy of this tree. I am sure you will love reading this little poem filled loads of emotions and love.

   Jacaranda in my backyard

In a riot of purple hue standing proud and tall 

Like a rebel amongst the backdrop of green in my garden 

She stands majestically in all her prime and glory

The Jacaranda in my backyard. 

I often see my boys jumping on the trampoline carefree

Without a sliver of worry in their tiny uncorrupted minds 

And like a benevolent mother…

She shades them from the scorching sun with her outstretched branches

& shies she not in heaping her love unabashedly 

Showering them with her gorgeous flowers, Perhaps to cushion their fall.

Doting on my kids she stands compassionately 

The jacaranda in my backyard. 

Braving the weather, braving the odds

Challenging hope, mocking conformity 

Willing to stand on her own terms in all her might and glory.

I see in her sometimes a petulant little child 

Who in her innocence and mischief 

Refuses to confirm to the order I have set In my garden 

I see in her sometimes a rebellious teen 

Who decries authority , merely because she can 

I see in her a delicate child who simply needs tender loving and care

I see in her my own girl child, my little daughter, the one who stays forever in my dreams

The jacaranda in my backyard. 

Not happiness nor sorrow have I ever noticed in her knotted brows

Not pleasure nor pain of being ignored makes her happy or sad.

She merely stands there amongst all others so different to her

Content and confident in her own attire. 

Acknowledging and yet knowing very well 

That everything around her is merely an illusion, just a dream or a nightmare.

When I look at her and she smiles back showering on me 

Even more purple tears of ecstasy & joy. 

I wonder to myself and even tell her “isn’t she the very epitome of life itself”

The Jacaranda in my backyard.


The berry watermelon popsicles are so easy to make. Here is a simple recipe that I followed and it was great. 


Berry watermelon popsicles

  • 5 cups of diced watermelon
  • 1 cup mixed berry ( strawberry, blueberry and rashberry )
  • 1/2 cup fruit cordial

Blend watermelon and berres into juice. Mix them together and add fruit cordial for sweetness.Pour them into the popsicles mould. Freeze them overnight for better results.






Absolutely easy to make, this berry watermelon popsicles will add jazz to your summer barbecue and perfect for pool parties.


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