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December 17, 2017
Love Life & Gluten Free: Activated Buckwheat Brownie Mix 400g




Who would deny baking isn’t therapeutic?

The mere mental & physical act of shifting flour, cracking eggs, mixing a bit of sweetness whisking and finally tossing them into the oven to see the magic happening. The pleasure of converting raw ingredients from ones pantry into a delicate after dinner fare is simply irresistible. Now I often wonder would I ever derive the same pleasure in using premixes. I sometimes find myself in situations when I am time bound & running around likea headless chicken barely having enough time to run errands or be able to go to the supermarket to gather every single ingredient that my favourite recipe calls for, and then going through the routine of mixing it all up, Its on those days I ardently wish I had few gourmet mixes in my pantry that ideally matches my tastes & is healthy and guilt free.

Honestly it’s very rare for me to use packet mixes because I have always derived great pleasure and take pride from baking things from scratch, using ingredients that I am proud of being healthy and ethically sourced.

When Sanjay of Gino’s Gourmet Groceries  buzzed me, leaving me a message to collaborate and asked me to try some of his fancy products from his online gourmet shop, I checked his online portal and instantly fell in love with those amazing products that he has on offer.







These are products that I love & adore to have in my pantry and I feel so connected to them. They are such an amazing variety of mixes and above all healthy and with absolutely no compromise on the taste.

I picked up two mixes to try out myself and they were simply fabulous. The brownie mix from Gino’s Gourmet groceries  is made of activated buckwheat flour, coconut & chia seeds, all simply god sent goodness of healthy proteins and good fats & all you need to do simply whisk 3 eggs and 400ml of coconut cream to make an absolutely decadent brownie that will leave you salivating for more. 

Now making coconut cream is no rocket science. Simply freeze the regular coconut milk overnight and use the top layer discarding the water beneath. I have added extra frozen raspberry and cacao nibs for a twist. These brownies were absolutely delectable and they did score some fantastic brownie points from my boys too (Excuse the pun).




This cookie mix was indeed amazing too. It’s a mixture of cacoa chip chia and oat mix.. . This was too easy to prepare as well. Simply add 2 tbsp of milk of your choice and 2 tbsp of melted coconut oil. The instructions to bake are clearly labeled in the packets mixes  and that makes it easy to bake a batch with a breeze. I couldn’t resist and tried the cookie dough before baking and knew it would be amazing.  I loved dunking it with a glass of warm milk.







Here is an interesting twist to those cookies. Sandwiching them with simple vanilla ice cream tossed with frozen raspberry was a neat idea that I came up with. Basically a great treat for my boys with the temperature soaring high these days.

All you to have to do is  transfer the content from store brought vanilla ice cream and throw in some frozen raspberries into a baking pan lined with cling wrap. Freeze them until they are properly set. Use a cookie cutter to cut circles, matching up the size of the cookies. Sandwich them and eat them straight away or keep them in the freezer for later. 

 Now for the best part of it is that  Gino’s Gourmet Groceries   was kind enough to offer one Australia based reader a $50 gift voucher to be used for future online purchases of his mixes & One  of you will be randomly picked up based on a lucky draw.

          AlI want you to do  is to

 1) leave me a comment with a smiley face on my blog  along with your instagram handle and wait for the luck draw to be announced. This is open from Monday 18th 2017 till Wednesday 20Th 2017.

The lucky draw will announced on Thursday and  the lucky winner will be through instagram feed.

Good luck in getting the $50 voucher. 






I  now have a new found fascination of premixes and I have to thank Sanjay for making me try the goodness of the premixes and yet still produce something I feel proud of baking. Happy baking folks and I urge all of you to give these premixes a try. 




brownie brownie mix

cacaco chip


This is a sponsored post but all the opinions expressed here are mine.


Gino ‘s Gourmet Groceries


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