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November 7, 2017

I can hardly believe it when I look at my calendar and wondering amazement where did time fly? Time seems to be in a mad rush to get somewhere fast and perhaps left me behind on a forgotten lane or at least thats how I feel when I realise I am already in November.



Last month was crazy for me both on a personal and professional sphere & like they say when you are having fun you stop to realize how the minute and hour hand run past you, not even bothering with their manners to say merely say “hello. I have read far too often that time and tide wait for none but this year seems to have gone whizzing past as I see in the supermarket window displays the gorgeous lights and the holly and Santa Claus. If you ask me did I enjoy the pace?
I would not hesitate for a minute to say I would have not liked it any other way. I have thoroughly enjoyed the constant buzz & humdrum of the projects I was involved in and thanks to a proper checklist and unwavering focus on what needed to be achieved and a measured splattering of some good old fashioned  planning, I am glad I managed to end the third quarter plus one with a good feeling of achievement.  It has been a wonderful journey and the feeling of coming closer to my goals for the year end leaves me with a warm and wonderful feeling. I would not say it was a breeze but the old fashioned values of discipline, hard work and sincerity do make you feel good about yourself.    
Today’s post is all about my collaboration as a stylist with Ryan Linnegar to shoot the entire range of products  in a wonderful studio for a Madhousebakery. The shoot was spread over two days and the range of products really wowed me, even as a seasoned baker myself I was shocked to see such an array that had to be styled and shot to make them tempting enough and all within 16 working hours. I was sent a product list beforehand & so I went through each and every product range and organised them into categories and racked my brain for the right styling by sketching them on my IPad and my son s scribble pad. (Honest admission I found my sons scribble pad with his Textas & Fabre castle colour pencils much more useful than my I pad mini). 



I scoured through my props & the platters required to individually style them giving them a minimalistic and clean look for their upcoming catalogue. Honestly it was such an amazing & enriching experience working in tandem in a bright and spacious studio with a seasoned & well known Photographer as Ryan. When you are in the flow doing what you absolutely love to do, I felt time too had stopped ticking & decided to take a break and peek at what I was doing. 
As you all know I am fond of baking and working with these gorgeous bakes was a phenomenal experience and it was certainly hard to resist my temptation not to dig into one. I don’t often get cravings from working on my images while being busy on the set, but these amazing and sweet baked goodies had totally captivated me heart &soul.Resisting my craving for those fabulous bakery treats I managed to end my shoot with some excellent results that the owners alluded to. I have to admit that the almond based bakes were too good not to be devoured into and one of my other favourite was the raw cacao slice. I have shared few of my favourite images but the entire range will be on their website soon.

breakfastgroupshot-15 1 1


breakfast-pearandraspberrybread-03 1









Disclamer- This post is not a sponsored post.

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    The pictures have come out beautifully Shibani!! I love each one of them…Near perfection..Great work :).

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