Tofu Tikkas

October 6, 2016
I wonder why kids thinks they have to bear it tough these days. The generous two weeks break that the Australian public education system gives them ever term is something I never grew up with, but I do reckon they do need this break for their and my sanity.
I told myself to remain rooted and grounded and not to get upset with my two boys messing the house, scattering toys all over the living room and extending to the kitchen, occasionally finding the odd one even in the toilet. Craft materials, Colours pencils, paper aeroplanes, pieces of Lego, half painted canvasses along with the remote control missing at times found buried in the pile of clothes, shoes, books, and not to mention wrappers of all kinds. Omg the house is a complete chaos. Every night before we go to bed we spend a good three quarters of an hour to make it look like a dwelling suitable for human beings only to have it turned on its head by 10:00 am next morning.
What is brilliant however is that the boys love to play with each other although the age gap between them is just a little over five years. They are inseparable, I love to hear their make belief stories for their games & their amazing concoction of people, places and things that they generously bring into their play. Their Impromptu creativity and the endless laughter and the occasional bickering when hungry make me realise how blessed I am to have these two boys. What irks me occasionally however is their constant hovering near the pantry for junks to munch on. But then I tell myself hey! You don’t get to be young always and indulgence as long as it is properly checked cannot be so wrong.
I am aware that these beautiful moments will disappear soon once they are grown up and I will find them holed up in their room with a sign hanging on the door “stay out Mom”. I dread that day to come and so I cherish each and every moment without being a grumble bunny.
With the constant commotion around & the boys losing their energy as soon as I have laid out the breakfast is the common question that’s often found echoing, sometimes in rather loud audible “Mom what’s for lunch???”!!!

tofu tikkas-2

“Anything interesting?” comes their tired voice after a having blast on the trampoline with the next door neighbours. That’s the most opportune time invite trouble and have arguments over the food that I want them to eat and the kind of food they expect me to cook. 
Well few veggies are no drama for them unless they are peculiar and fall into the categories of Kale, Brussel sprouts or Silver beets..

tofu tikkas-9

Tofu is also unfortunately one of them. Although we lived in China for eight years I couldn’t somehow get the boys taste buds hooked on to this vegetable protein mass. 
I personally like it and am not too fussy about it but the kids and the other half don’t feel any love lost for this amazing source of rich protein, the mere mention of it results in turned up noses and violent protests and faces that do not hide their disgust and disappointment/. I have worked on it to include it in stir fries, and mashes and Pizza’s and soups and nothing works so this is my one last try. 
I Marinated the Tofu with my tried and tested recipe for tikkas. They have worked out very well with chicken and paneer (cottage cheese) so with the hope that it will have some impact with tofu I experimented with all my fervour.After a rather tense march of the hands on the clock, the verdict was they did not mind it to a rather weak “ok we liked it” and it was not a massive deal to have it once in a blue moon as long as it was not within the same year.

tofu tikkas-5

tofu tikkas-4

My opinion is that if you like tofu and want to give it a twist, this marinade won’t disappoint you. Looks like this school holidays will be remembered for the small victory I credit myself, for I managed to feed the boys Tofu with a twist.

tofu tikkas

For the Marinades I followed my tried and tested recipes.

Refer Paneer Haryali tikka for Green marinade.

Refer Chicken Malai tikka  for tandoori marinade.


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