Prawn Tempuras

March 8, 2008

It is an excellent starters, prawn tempuras can be made with plain flour and some cornflour. It was almost the same taste.Prawn tempuras is an excellent starter. Normally it is made of ready made tempura flours available in any oriental supermarkets. It also requires a specific red prawns with tails intact. I have tried making many a times with plain flour and some cornflour. It was almost the same taste.
Japan was my first country to experience abroad . Soon after my marriage I joined my husband who was working on a project. It was wonderful place to stay. Although language was a barrier for us but the hospitability of the people made us feel very cosy .I thoroughly enjoyed my stay of two years and we got to see around Japan. I was infact in love with that place and still feel the same. Even now I have lived in many countries,I still feel happy about that country and would like to visit again. I had also picked up some Japanese language so it was pretty manageable. The only problem that I had initially was my adaptation to the local cuisine. Probably I was not exposed to eating raw meat and fish so I was lost .One day we were flying and I forgot to mention my meal preference. I had some sushi on my platter. My husband urged me to give it a try. I was some how reluctant but I tried and that was it . I could believe that I had deprived myself of the divine cuisine. Infact I was so sad that by the time I realized It was time to pack up bags.

Anyway even with my limited time to spare I explored. I had strong craving of norimaki roll when I was expecting Rohan. I really loved the seto lunch esp the miso soup. Unfortunately I could not learn much of their local cuisine expect for tempuras and some easy nori rolls.

Prawn Tempura
12 to 15 big red tailed prawns ( Madagascar prawns)
1 tsp garlic mince
5 tbslp of plain flour
1tbslp cornflour
cayenne powder to taste
salt to taste
oil to deep fry
Bread crumbs to coat

Care fully shell and de vein the prawns so that the tail is intact . Make 2 to 3 small cuts on the sides of the prawn to make it straight.This is important because even after u deep fry the tempura will remains straight.

Mix the flours with little water( preferably icy cold water) to make thick and lumpy paste and add garlic mince, cayenne powder and salt to taste.

Dip the prawn at a time and coat it with well with bread crumbs. Arrange them in a plate.

Heat oil to a medium fire and and deep fry until it is golden brown . The actual process is to hold the tail with a chopstick and deep fry. But when I make it in a bulk I just drop carefully the prawns in the hot oil. Don’t fry more than 4 to 5 pieces at time.

Drain in a absorbent paper and serve with the dipping sauce. Well I serve it with tomato ketchup or Dhania Chutney

When I have a party at my place .I usually make it in advance and freeze it by dipping it in the batter and coating it with bread crumbs . When guests arrive , it is becomes easy to deep fry and serve hot .

It is an excellent starters, prawn tempuras can be made with plain flour and some cornflour. It was almost the same taste.
Variations I had tried a yummier version of prawns fitters dipped in flour batter and coated with sweetened shredded coconut . It is one of famous starter from a chain of restaurant known OUTBACK.

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    Hi….prawn tempuras are one of those items I always think I should make but I never do…but your’s look so very yummy, I think I am finally going to try them out…

    By the way…your Coriander rice (from TriColor Rices) was absolutely fabulous…

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