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Whole roast chicken stuffed with coriander rice

February 14, 2008

I vividly remember once my dad had brought whole roast chicken for dinner that was so yummy it lingered on my taste bud for a long time. Over the years I tried to make those recipes but some how could not come close to that particular taste.

One day on my way to home I picked the newspaper which had a recipe flyover from Donna hay ( I immediately checked anything worth trying. She had a recipe of whole chicken roast stuffed with bread crumbs. That was really mouth watering and very inspiring. I decided to follow her instructions. I made a variation of stuffing my leftover coriander rice. Amazingly it turned out to be quite delicious… The recipe was so easy I often treated my husband.


1) Full Chicken – 1 (size 14)
2) Coriander rice- 1 ½ cup
3) Lemon juice-3tbslp
4) Salt to taste


1) Clean the whole Chicken thoroughly and remove the excess skin (optional). Marinate it with salt and lemon juice for 20 min. Make incision on the chicken with a knife.
2) Preheat the oven at 200’c. Line a baking tray with foil.
3) Prepare the coriander rice (REFER TO MY TRICOLOUR PULAO)
Stuff the chicken and tie the legs with kitchen thread or insert toothpicks and seal.
Baste the chicken with oil and bake it at 200’c for 50 minutes.

PS- Bake as soon as possible after stuffing the raw chicken otherwise the juice of raw chicken will spoil the stuffing,
I have also tried a recipe marinating chicken with Tandoori paste and stuffing with rice. Tastes equally good.

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