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Green curry with home made paste

March 17, 2017
home made Green curry paste

  One of the most pleasurable moments of my day is to see no grumble bunnies around my dinner table. On the rare occasions when this happens it is simply bliss. I feel I have achieved the unachievable. I can’t really obsess over the fact that my kids don’t like Indian food. They have lived all their lives practically outside India and much that they may love going back for a holiday to enjoy the company of their cousins and…

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Almond berries dessert Tarts treat.

Rustic Stone Fruit tart

March 7, 2017
Rustic Summer tart

The most beautiful thing about Mother Nature is that she constantly keeps changing perhaps to amuse us mortals and teach us humbly that change is the only way forward. It has started to feel that our gorgeous 100 days of summer are nearly at their tail end, although the days are still a little warm, the whiff of autumn can be felt in the air. Soon there will be the multi-hued colours of nature, almost a vibrant orange flaming Japanese…

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cakes Eggs treats

Black Velvet cake with Mascaporne frostings

February 23, 2017
Black Velvet Cake

  Visualisation is such a powerful tool that can conspire with the universe to get you what you want? The pictures you create in your mind if visualised with all your energy somehow conjoins matter and energy in creating the reality you wish for yourself.  I am not talking in some metaphysical plane but in the daily urban grind that we all go through.I am talking about that deep inner desire, those sincere innate feelings you have harboured, that passion…

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Cashew snacks

Beetroot patties with coriander cashew pesto

February 16, 2017
beetroot and ricotta patties

  Time certainly rides on a seven horse driven chariot as an old Indian saying goes. It waits for none and it disappears the very next instant. Time seems to be in a great hurry to get somewhere and it flies so quickly before you even realise it and this is how I have been feeling….. Last year February, I clearly remember I was debating in my mind whether I should get back to blogging again or give it up…

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cakes dessert

lychee naked cake with mascaporne butter cream frosting

February 4, 2017
lychee cake

    Dear Readers can you actually believe it!! We are already into February and things are moving pretty fast. It’s as if time is in a mad rush to get somewhere & really fast too. Mondays just morph into weekends before you know it and its back again to the morning school lunches before you even recollect or muse about the weekend past. Kids are back at school and this year my eldest one is in high school. So that’s…

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Almond berries dessert Pies and Tarts treats

Rustic quinoa crusted berry tart

January 23, 2017
Rustic quinoa blueberry tart

  Do you feel January racing past??? For me it has been an exciting month full of action. As promised to myself I have been focussing & detoxing my mind and plugging in the spare holes with thoughtfuls thought. I have been reading extensively and scouring pages to find the true meaning of the term “happiness”, here are a few of my favourite quotes..  Don’t let the silly little things steal your happiness  Happiness is a journey not a destination…

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Perfect Pavlova with seasonal fruits

January 6, 2017
Perfect Pavlova with mangoes

Best wishes for 2017. Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year.  This is my first post in this beautiful New Year that has recently unveiled itself in all its glory shedding the past year’s good and not so great moments. The beautiful memories now safely archived, this brand new year brings with it lots of hope, lots of laughter, promises of joy, a messenger of good health and harbinger of prosperity. The year has opened its door with…

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