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Easy Doughnuts

Welcome to my new home in the cloud. I would be grateful to hear from you  how do you like this look & feel? Honestly I feel elated and very happy to find a space that reflects my style and my decor. When I…

August 6, 2016
Easy and quick pancakes
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Easy and Basic Pancakes

Remember those Idyllic summer holidays back when we were kids? Those carefree afternoons and the endless evenings, the stories from grandma’s bag of surprise. Those frozen treats and best of all no homework or school to worry about. I sometimes wonder why I ever…

July 9, 2016
Chicken Eggs snacks treats

Nargishi Kofta or Scotch eggs

  I grew up in the lovely eastern state of Orissa sun drenched and bordered by the mighty India Ocean. The abundance of rich soil and the industry of the farmers meant that fresh food was always plentiful and the variety of fruits and…

July 1, 2016
Karachi biscuits
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Karachi Biscuits

  Yesterday evening as I glanced out of my window I saw my gaunt little Japanese maple in the heights of its prime in the autumn, the riot of colours marrying sweetly with the warm green grass around swaying in the chill of the…

June 24, 2016