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stuffed mushroom
Mushrooms pistachious snacks

Whole mushrooms stuffed and baked

This is my 100th post ….. I am so thrilled and excited leaving behind an electronic bread crumb trail of my gastronomic and photographic memoir that I hope will inspire someone out there, an unknown stranger perhaps who has accidentally stumbled upon my site…

May 2, 2016
Chicken kababs
Chicken snacks

Marinated chicken thighs skewers on a charcoal flame

Β  I often reminiscence the idyllic Sunday noons…. when I was a kid frolicking around with my cousins living the life of my dreams. Amongst the make belief stories of our plays and changing roles from being the fair maiden to fighting monsters and…

April 3, 2016

Spicy fish kebabs

Last weekend we woke up to a glorious day, perfect blue skies after a week of overcast grey. It was great to soak in the bright sun rays and taking a stroll on the marine drive. The city skyline looked absolutely fabulous. Casually strolling…

November 10, 2008
Chicken snacks

Creamy (malai) chicken tikka

Friday evenings are one of my favorite nights to have of couple of friends over for a relaxed super/ dinner. Having friends over for a dinner can be such a pleasure. It is so good to share delicious food, have a lively conversation and…

August 29, 2008
paneer harayali tikka-4
My favorite snacks

Paneer Hariyali Tikka

Paneer is packed with protein is a very well known fact!!! Vegetarians in India heavily rely on this curdled milk (Cottage cheese) for their source of protein apart from the varieties of lentils. Although paneer doesn’t list in my top ten sought after food…

May 5, 2008