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chicken and vegetable dumpling
Chicken snacks

Chicken and vegetable dumplings from Scratch

  When I mention “We are having dumplings for dinner”. I get a prompt reply “oh mom that’s great, looking forward to it”. These words echo in our house when dumplings are on the menu.  This ubiquitous dish can found in every nook and corner…

April 13, 2017
beetroot and ricotta patties
Cashew snacks

Beetroot patties with coriander cashew pesto

  Time certainly rides on a seven horse driven chariot as an old Indian saying goes. It waits for none and it disappears the very next instant. Time seems to be in a great hurry to get somewhere and it flies so quickly before…

February 16, 2017
tofu tikkas-3

Tofu Tikkas

I wonder why kids thinks they have to bear it tough these days. The generous two weeks break that the Australian public education system gives them ever term is something I never grew up with, but I do reckon they do need this break…

October 6, 2016
beer battered fish
Cooking My favorite snacks

Beer Battered Fish with wedges

Don’t we all grow out of our child hood likes and dislikes? Remembering my childhood days, I absolutely recoiled at the sight of fish & the smell of it bought upon me bouts of nausea. Being a girl born and raised in the coastal…

September 7, 2016
Bliss balls-1
Almond berries cashews dates snacks

Bliss Balls

I am not use to raw food yet… apart from fruits and nuts. I have always preferred toasted or warm food even though when it is comes to the salad. I normally would jazz the crunchy salad leaves with warm roasted veggies, grilled meat…

July 16, 2016
Chicken Eggs snacks treats

Nargishi Kofta or Scotch eggs

  I grew up in the lovely eastern state of Orissa sun drenched and bordered by the mighty India Ocean. The abundance of rich soil and the industry of the farmers meant that fresh food was always plentiful and the variety of fruits and…

July 1, 2016
Prawn snacks

Prawn cutlets with sweet potato wedges

Most of you my dear readers who are frequent visitors to my space in the digital world would be well aware of my passion for cooking food and blogging about it to share it with all food enthusiasts like myself for the pure joy…

June 10, 2016