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chicken and vegetable dumpling
Chicken snacks

Chicken and vegetable dumplings from Scratch

  When I mention “We are having dumplings for dinner”. I get a prompt reply “oh mom that’s great, looking forward to it”. These words echo in our house when dumplings are on the menu.  This ubiquitous dish can found in every nook and corner…

April 13, 2017
home made Green curry paste
Chicken Cooking Curries Mushrooms

Green curry with home made paste

  One of the most pleasurable moments of my day is to see no grumble bunnies around my dinner table. On the rare occasions when this happens it is simply bliss. I feel I have achieved the unachievable. I can’t really obsess over the…

March 17, 2017
Chicken Eggs snacks treats

Nargishi Kofta or Scotch eggs

  I grew up in the lovely eastern state of Orissa sun drenched and bordered by the mighty India Ocean. The abundance of rich soil and the industry of the farmers meant that fresh food was always plentiful and the variety of fruits and…

July 1, 2016
chicken mince patty-5
Chicken snacks Stuffed kulcha

Chicken patties

    Who doesn’t love to be spoiled? I felt very special, spoiled and pampered last weekend on mother’s day. It wasn’t owing to any expensive gift or box of chocolates and flowers or stuff straight from the shelves of shops but the genuine…

May 13, 2016
Chicken kababs
Chicken snacks

Marinated chicken thighs skewers on a charcoal flame

  I often reminiscence the idyllic Sunday noons…. when I was a kid frolicking around with my cousins living the life of my dreams. Amongst the make belief stories of our plays and changing roles from being the fair maiden to fighting monsters and…

April 3, 2016
Chicken Curries

Spicy Chicken Korma

Rice and spicy homely chicken curry would be a comfort food for many of us. Yes last time when we were on our return journey from Sydney, I was bored of eating the restaurant food for three consecutive weeks and was longing for something…

October 29, 2008
Creamy chicken tikka
Chicken snacks

Creamy (malai) chicken tikka

Friday evenings are one of my favorite nights to have of couple of friends over for a relaxed super/ dinner. Having friends over for a dinner can be such a pleasure. It is so good to share delicious food, have a lively conversation and…

August 29, 2008