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  • I feel barley is versatile enough to be served warm or at room temperature, as in this terrific salad with beetroot, coriander and pomegranate arils..
    beetroot cashews salad

    Warm barley beetroot salad

    This warm barley beetroot salad has it all, crunchy cashew bits, pomegranate arils and is tossed in a tangy lime and olive oil.  Perfect for a week-day lunch! Winter is nearly here for us…

    June 15, 2018
  • Almond berries cashews dates snacks

    Bliss Balls

    I am not use to raw food yet… apart from fruits and nuts. I have always preferred toasted or warm food even though when it is comes to the salad. I normally would jazz…

    July 16, 2016
  • date roll with nuts
    Almond cashews dates pistachious

    Date Barfi

     Date rolls or Barfi with out sugar!! I can already hear some of you saying, “ Hey don’t spin me round the mulberry bush” I can tell you that I certainly had my head…

    June 25, 2008