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cakes and cookies

cakes and cookies

Simple pleasures of baking

Yaah I call it pleasure an immense pleasure when I find my baked goodies turned out well and loved & enjoyed by friends and family. Last week when Rohanโ€™s school slipped a note in his dairy that parents teachers association would like to have…

November 12, 2008
cakes and cookies

Coffee cup cake

Festivals are part of Indian culture and we do have plenty of excuses & opportunities to celebrate them. They always have had a special place in my heart, I remember as part of growing up, I would be waiting eagerly for Dusshera where my…

October 31, 2008
cakes and cookies

Citrus poppy seed syrup cake

All of a sudden there was a vacuum after our families visiting us from India left. It was so depressing to enter the house that was once filled with constant noise and cheers of the kids running and haggling over the toys. At times…

October 22, 2008
cakes and cookies

Hummmmm… bird cake

Sounds intriguing but please donโ€™t get that impression that it contains any thing of a humming bird, the name itself is a mystery and till now no adequate research supports the origin of its name. It is a strange name and quite interesting to…

October 1, 2008
cakes and cookies

Orange Cheese cake

I needed an excuse for utilizing my 8 ounce cream cheese packet that was staring back at me for a while. My neighborโ€™s mom was visiting her & as a good neighbor decency demanded me to at least have her over for some tea…

September 8, 2008
cakes and cookies

Baked cinnamon doughnuts – Any one please!

Foodies are foodies inspiration, a few weeks ago our well known baker dear Deeba had a lovely post on doughnuts. That was instantly bookmarked and honestly wild horses were dragging me crazy to make them as soon possible. When my Super food ideas (Aussie…

September 2, 2008