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Rose water Madeleines
cakes and cookies Rose

Rose flavoured madeleines

  Are you someone who would visualise  beautiful flowers and more particularly Rose, as we come closer to Mother’s Day ? Mum’s are special and always there for you, so visualising a special flower whose presence not only lightens the place and their exquisite…

May 8, 2017
Almond cakes and cookies treats

Linzer cookies

If I find something I am looking for amongst the hordes of stuff we have in our garage, I actually compliment myself and treat myself to something nice. This morning Navigating the tight ropes of our messy garage shelf,I actually found something worthwhile. This…

November 15, 2016
cakes and cookies chocolate


The last few weeks I have been hearing my son murmuring a new song and I was wondering what he was up to these days. Since the words he was uttering were not very clear and so I repeatedly begged him to sing as…

March 2, 2016