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Easy Doughnuts

Welcome to my new home in the cloud. I would be grateful to hear from you Β how do you like this look & feel? Honestly I feel elated and very happy to find a space that reflects my style and my decor. When I…

August 6, 2016

Cornmeal and herb bread for a worthy cause

The glorious beauty of fall will vanish soon with the weather turning crisp & cold. It is freezing here and old weary leaves are falling down and within few days to come the roads will be lined up with empty stalks and barren branches.…

November 21, 2008

Rich fruit loaf

Ever since I have realized that it is easy to tame yeast with some tricks, bread baking has become a pleasurable trip for me so far. I have stopped meandering around the corner bread shop. I am glad that the bread basket is always…

August 22, 2008

Pumpkin and rosemary loaf

Pumpkin with Rosemary sounds interesting. This was one of the first recipes that attracted my fleeting glimpses while browsing the latest edition of the Superfoodideas. Down my memory lane I had few yeasty disaster that stopped me further pushing myself into bread baking exploration.…

June 19, 2008