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Ginger bread wreath

December 22, 2017

Let’s Celebrate !!!

Nothing beats the joy of festive season; baking few batches of ginger bread cookies and  watch the smiles when the little fingers pipe in their imagination ….. Ginger bread cookies here I come…. This year I decided to bake and arrange them in a form of wreath.

untitled (1 of 5)

untitled (2 of 5)

We merry Gingerbread Men
We one dozen merry ginger bread men,
All dressed up, all decked up in our best attire wish you
The very best of the festive season.
We are here on a purpose.
We are here to serve, we are here to please.
Our names are not as unique unlike the dresses we adorn.
We may look somewhat different but we come with a singular purpose
We come with sincere prayers and wishes
knocking early on your doors staying back late, and hoping never to leave.
Bringing with us gifts and presents of love, happiness, health and
A huge bounty of cheer to share all year around.
With a hint of spice & sugary goodness,
Out we come in our tanned birthday suits much like your younger self
We hope to be dressed up and clothed and fully attired
Ready in time for the festive season
We are here to be savoured, we are here to please.
I am Rohan & I share my name with five others and
So does my brother Roshan with 5 of his mates.
We are a lively lot, full of life with a lot of zest.
We love our adventures, we love our lives.
We are a merry band of ginger bread men.

A short poem  by Sailesh Mishra ( my better half )

untitled (1 of 2)-2

untitled (1 of 1)

celebrate Christmas with this delicious edible wreath made up of crunchy biscuits, beautifully decorated with white iced stars.

homemade gingerbread cookies

untitled (5 of 5)


untitled (2 of 2)-2



Merry Christmas !!!





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